Welcome to the website of Holy Trinity Church of England parish, Millbrook. We are in Southampton Deanery and Winchester diocese. Within the very wide spectrum of belief and practice in the Church of England, our ethos is based on Scripture and traditional Anglicanism. Celebration of the Mass is central to our pattern of worship, and we like to do this with solemnity; however most of us are far from solemn!

Geographically the parish falls within Tebourba Way, Oakley Road, Regents Park Road, through the BAT site and Solent Business Centre, to the railway. It then follows the railway to the Central Station and follows a straight line southwards to the water. The parish therefore includes the Western Docks.

We aim to update this site on a monthly basis, so please bookmark us and keep visiting for news, service details and other events.

Regular services
Sunday 10.00am Sung Parish Mass (on the first Sunday of the month, Baptisms may take place during Mass)
  6.00pm Evensong (2nd Sunday of the month only)
Wednesday 12 noon Said Mass (on day of Parish Lunch only, or as advertised)
Friday 7.30pm Said Mass (with meditation), followed by
  8.00pm Compline
Greater festivals 7.30pm Sung Mass

The Wives Group holds monthly meetings, and there is a monthly parish lunch.